About This Site

I know you may have stumbled onto my castle lands from another site so before you get too turned around, let me inform you as to where you are right now. I think that would be most helpful.

If you are looking for a blog about teen-aged angsty vampires that sparkle in the daylight and you don’t actually see the blood or the fangs, you may want to turn around and go back. You won’t find that here. Take that right at Albuquerque and keep following the bunny.

If you are looking for a site about zombie vampires with flesh dripping off their faces, the kind you definitely wouldn’t want to go to bed with, you were lost three turns ago. That kind of vamp only makes me sigh, roll my eyes and reach for the sword on the wall. Wait a minute. Which sword? Difficult to decide, they’re all so…pretty.

If you are looking for a site about sexy vampires that have adventures and sex and talk and have sex and do something and then have more sex. Ummm. Aren’t you supposed to take Viagra one pill at a time not in handfuls like Halloween candy?

Yes, there’s seduction in my vampire tales. My characters and I have had a long discussion about this. I was reluctant but they finally won. If I didn’t they would have mutinied on me. But I also prefer to think that my readers are intelligent people who possess some imagination and therefore I do not need to spell out every bump and grind motion that happens. There’s peeking through the cracked bedroom door and then there’s plain out voyeurism. I prefer the secretive peeking with characters that actually have a loving relationship.

If you are looking for tales of classic romantic vampires that reel you in slowly, can carry on intelligent conversations, can plot and scheme and see ahead what you were planning on doing and where even the bad guys have stories that make you sympathize, well pull up chair, tell me what you’d like to drink and stay a while. That’s my kind of vamp. I’ve got quite a few of them hanging around in my imagination. I’m sure you’ll find at least one to bond with that will make your heart flutter, maybe even several.

I’m still trying to decide which sword to go after the zombie vamps with. Hmmmm. Shiny and sharp!

D.C. Mclaughlin


3 Responses to “About This Site”

  1. As for swords, Miss Devon, might I suggest a Japanese katana? Light, strong, and literally razor sharp, they are ideal for removing heads with one quick stoke, the preferred method for dispatching zombies of all kinds. 🙂

  2. 🙂 Got one of those! Although its more of a museum piece and should probably only be handled with white gloves to keep the fingerprints off of it. ( Kid didn’t know the treasure he had so we snapped it up!) If that blade could only talk what stories would it tell?

    • You…lucky…STIFF. LOL I have a small and unremarkable collection of bladed implements, mostly knives (well, unremarkable to anyone but me, I suppose). To that collection I would like to one day add a genuine katana…you know, hand-forged, tamahagane steel, THAT kind of katana. I am well aware, though, that such a blade is pricey, veeery pricey. If you paid less than five grand, and know the sword was traditionally forged, then you got a bargain indeed. 🙂

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